Too Lazy To Make Your Own Colloidal Silver?

Lazy Person Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver For Lazy People

As much as I encourage making your own colloidal silver for saving money in the long run, I appreciate that there are people who want the benefits of colloidal silver but not having to deal with setting up equipment to make their own batches.

This may be due to the hassle involved or simply the inconvenience or constraints presented to them in their home in creating it. So here's where I've created a quick list...

What is Colloidal Silver Used For and Why Even Bother?

In a quick nutshell, colloidal silver deactivates (kills) most bacteria by destroying its ability to absorb oxygen. And all life forms (albeit some really rare ones), die when they cannot absorb oxygen. Colloidal silver is unique in that it does that to all pathogenic bacteria. Ever had food poisoning and started to hang out in the bathroom more often because of the runs? Well, in many cases, I've personally dealt with those food poisoning cases within an hour just by drinking about 100mls of colloidal silver. 

Yes, it's that powerful, and no, I don't turn blue like what the naysayers may claim. And it isn't toxic at nominal amounts. (Basically everything becomes toxic when ingested in excess, and it takes quite a lot over a prolong period of continual use to perhaps reach those levels.)

Don't Want To Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Solution? Just Buy It.

 If you want to test/try out colloidal silver for your family or for yourself, simply get them off Amazon an enjoy the benefits of having it delivered to your doorstep. 

Large Bottled Colloidal Silver

Lab Tested 120ppm - Garden of Eden

Colloidal Silver Gallon 60ppm 128oz - Atlantean Alchemy

Smaller Bottled Colloidal Silver

Collodial Silver Liquid 16oz - Silver Holistics

MesoSilver 20ppm Colloidal Silver 500ml/16.9oz - Purest Colloids

Does SilveryGuy Sell Colloidal Silver?

Unfortunately, the costs involved in setting up a manufacturing facility to create colloidal silver outweighs the benefits in the long-run of simply "teaching people how to fish".

But, if you're like me and want to get started on testing colloidal silver out. (I used it to deal with my cats' feline herpes) I bought a few bottles of commercially made colloidal silver to get started. Needless to say, it worked well and that's why I'm a strong advocate for its use.

What is PPM and Does More Mean Better?

Parts-Per-Million (PPM) is a scientific term to describe concentration of a chemical with respect to the the solution it is dissolved it. The good news: Colloidal Silver is produced with pure distilled water as its solution so, instead of trying to consume 100ppm or 50ppm, you should consider just drinking more. 

Even in creating a colloidal silver, there comes a time during production that the silver rods we use become saturated with particles. This is when we know that no matter how much more silver we try to create, it won't get into the water.

In summary, just use whatever PPM is most affordable to you and if you need to, just consume a little more than what you need for the outcome that you require. Fortunately, it's hard to overdose on colloidal silver in a single dose when compared to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Get your colloidal silver from a reputable nutritional supplier and you should b fine.


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