Colloidal Silver Dosage Dos and Don’ts

colloidal silver dosage
One big issue with trying to find the optimum colloidal silver dosage is that everyone’s process will differ. The fact that there are numerous methods that people use to create their colloidal silver with different sized silver wires/bars. Taking a quick look at YouTube would yield hundreds of different colloidal silver making techniques that might make your head spin. If you prefer to take doses that are manufacturer recommended, you could always try out The Best Silver 30PPM 8Oz Colloidal silver to see if it helps you to begin with, then you can further explore cheaper long-term options of making your own colloidal silver.

Problems with Accuracy

There are countless different varieties of colloidal silver generators available. These range from simple crocodile clip wires attached to a 9volt battery set up, to a $250 system that promises the smallest nano silver particles possible. In high PPM concentrations, what a suitable amount is to consume for different people/ages is going to differ greatly. Some people claim to be able to measure silver particle concentrations using PPM meters like this in fact it’s quite useful for smaller concentrations, however there are some who also argue that the nature of dissolved silver in the distilled water during the creation process makes the solution highly conductive and may throw off the accuracy of these readings. But the main issue is the larger your particles of silver in solution, would be naturally lesser in numbers in the same volume of liquid.

Smaller Particles Means Higher Concentrations

Contrast this with creating nano sized particles at 0.5mA (the most recommended setting for it). You will get a significantly greater numbers of silver particles/ions albeit smaller and more efficacious against bacteria and pathogens. All these tiny particles are in the same amount of liquid. Instead of trying to oversaturate your colloidal silver production volume, you can always opt to simply create more colloidal silver solution, consume more volume per dose. In my 4 years of personal experience, I have always bought 2 litre distilled water bottles in the supermarket and simply created a single batch of it. I start of the process after I warm the distill water to 60 degrees celsius (140 F) and let my 0.5mA current run with 2 x 12gauge 99.99% silver wires for about 90 to 100mins while agitating the liquid via a small air pump or magnetic stirrer. I love the magnetic stirrer because it increases the consistency of my colloidal silver production and it does not introduce any small particulate/dust into the mixture like a small aquarium air pump might.

How I do It

For my example, a 2 litre (0.528344 gallons) I then put them into amber glass bottles which I then keep in out of direct light to maintain longevity of the silver solution. During a bout of influenza or flu-symptoms, I simply take about 50ml (1.69oz) of it 3 times a day. And yes I know it changes my intestinal flora because the nano silver particles kill anaerobic bacteria and may cause a temporary imbalance. I continue with this until all symptoms of the flu are removed. I find this protocol/approach is safe for my method and I don’t have to worry so much about issues of overdosing. I personally use colloidal silver only when I have symptoms of illness and not daily when I don’t have to. But for external uses, I have some pretty fantastic ways I use colloidal silver! My method will lead to a solution of about 5-10 PPM. It would be highly skeptical to hear about claims of 50PPM and higher, frankly speaking.

Ballpark figures

From my observations during colloidal silver production, I noticed that at about every 30 minutes of the electrolysis, one silver rod starts to get greyish and I will stop the production temporarily and clean the rod with a clean scouring pad and rinse it, then swap the rods and continue the process until I hit my 90min mark. At some point, I realize that the solution is pretty much saturated and persisting in keeping the dissolving process going is going to start the formation of silver particles that are too large and which may lead to the solution turning yellow and sedimentation occurring. If your solution has turned yellow, you have probably extended the process for too long and you can afford to stop it much earlier.

You can salvage the produced solution by using it for external applications like a disinfecting spray for general cleaning around the home. I would recommend making a fresh new batch which doesn’t have yellowish coloration or sedimentation for oral usage. I will be adding a post shortly with a step to step guide to creating your own colloidal silver.

Always for the Smallest Particles

If you are just going to go for the 9 volt battery and crocodile clip wire setup, then you will still produce colloidal silver. But it will have particles of different size due to the fluctuating current that is going to run through your silver rods and solution. I would recommend getting a proper kit that can deliver a constant 0.5mA current so you know you can always have a consistent batch of nano-sized silver particles in your final product that delivers predictable results.

Some Simple Guidelines

My approach to dosing is to only use colloidal silver orally if you are feeling unwell from symptoms of flu or illness. Avoid taking it as a regular supplement, because there really is greater benefit to your body if your intestinal flora is kept stable. In fact, as part of my regular health maintenance regime, I always take high quality probiotics daily to boost my immune system to begin with.

So in a quick summary, if you are having the following symptoms and wanting to have some sort of guide to dosage here it is (following my production process):

  • Flu – 50ml per dose 2-3 times a day (like antibiotics)
  • Bacterial Food Poisoning (Salmonella etc) – 70ml immediately then 70ml after an hour.
  • Throat infection / Inflammation – Gargle and keep 50ml in mouth for a minute then swallow. 2-3 times a day.

Final Note

After your symptoms clear up, or an hour after each colloidal silver dosage, you can take prebiotics/probiotics to boost your gut flora and will help if you have a little bit of tummy discomfort from the treatment.


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