Colloidal Silver Blue Man and Other Ridiculous Naysayer Myths


Let’s get one thing straight, since this is the first post on the site. Whenever I talk to my friends about colloidal silver and how it is extremely affective against bacterial infections, they start to jump on google and start to read the story about the “the colloidal silver blue man”.

For some odd reason, my friends who love to investigate claims about health supplements always end up reading articles that cite the cases of three people in particular. Rosemary Jacobs, Stan Jones and Paul Karason. Plastered in the typical articles are their faces, greyed supposedly from the use of silver products, either from silver nasal drops or some form or oral ingestation.

Is there really a colloidal silver blue man?

These individuals are in the 60s and 70s now and are apparently healthy apart from their greyish skin tone. Also the dosage and purity of their ingesting and usage of their own sources of silver supplements isn’t exactly mentioned. Were they drinking a litre of it a day? Were they making their silver with non-distilled water?

If you are drinking supplements as if they were staple items, then you will always run into toxicity or “too much of a good thing. The point is, why would anyone be actively drinking colloidal silver like it were normal drinking water? I’ve seen a fair share of people who appear to lack discretion and somehow enjoy the attention from reporters or news networks through negative behavior or otherwise.

In any case, one shouldn’t be using any form of supplements in excess for prolonged periods of time where there is absolutely no reason to

Exercise wisdom in everything

From my personal experience of taking commercially available colloidal supplements and then making my own colloidal silver (using very reliable silver generators) over 4 years, I have yet to notice any side effects upon taking them orally or via application on cuts/scrapes externally. No, my wounds have not turned blue or grey, my face doesn’t exhibit symptoms of blueness, neither do I look like a Smurf.

In fact there are probably hundreds of thousands of people around the world taking colloidal silver in the treatment of food poisoning, asthma, eczema etc. But if consuming colloidal silver is directly correlated to having a sure chance of turning blue, we should be observing a lot of individuals with odd skin colors and definitely more than one colloidal silver blue man or two. Truth be told, this doesn’t happen, because trust me, more people should be turning blue if we see colloidal silver products like the Sovereign Silver Bio Active Silver Hydrosol being sold in the thousands, just check out the reviews to see what I’m talking about.

People who are interested in colloidal silver tend to be quite critical thinkers

The point of this post is to appeal to the critical thinker, such as yourself, in comprehending the validity of such a claim. In fact I would like to point out a great article by the Scientific American about silver making antibiotics a thousands times more effective.

Don’t let hearsay or biased reporting dissuade you from adding colloidal silver to your family medicine box. To be real honest, the Colloidal Silver that I have made on my own has been a life saver on numerous occasions. From clearing up diaper rash in my little baby girl during a bout of diarrhoea, in a day, to stopping very bad food poisoning in an hour, I can’t oversell the amazing impact of colloidal silver in my household.

Oh yeah, colloidal silver can save an overseas vacation that you have taken months to prepare, because you can effective rule out bacterial food poisoning as being a concern when you have a bottle of colloidal silver on standby. In fact I actually bring along my little colloidal silver making kit when I am traveling so that if I need more colloidal silver, I can simply make a quick batch of it!


And no, my child and my family aren’t turning blue, in case you might be wondering, the colloidal silver blue man simply is used as a poster child by big pharma to keep real cures away from people who need it most.

People are getting more aware of the fact that antibiotics are losing ground against penicillin-resistant bacteria, which means that there are going to be less and less antibiotics that are going to deal with more and more bacterial infections and people will eventually start using more toxic forms of antibiotics like vynkotmycin which cannot be administered to many at-risk or immuno-supressed individuals. But the most powerful thing about colloidal silver is its ability to work on a nano-physical level to attach itself to bacteria walls and suffocate the bacteria to death. This typically works within 6 minutes!

Thanks for reading and do feel free to share this with your friends and loved ones, you never know, you might just save a life just by sharing really useful information.


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