I am a father to a 4 year old girl and husband to a lovely and capable wife. Enjoying the life here in Singapore. I have discovered with age that there are limits to what “modern medicine” can do in terms of treatment and I am passionate about non-pharmaceutical options for treating skin conditions and health.

Having suffered in my childhood with eczema and then later on in adulthood with asthma, I know that the treatment options that medical science presents are usually in the form of steroids that I have not been keen on. I have endured unexplainable weight-gain, fatigue from medications that didn’t seem to alleviate my condition.

Also another big passion of mine is skin health. Going through my early adulthood, I faced a serious problem with acne and once again, was undergoing oral medication for acne, which took a while to clear up and was devastating to me as it affected my social life as well as personal esteem.

SilveryGuy is a blog where I will document my thoughts and findings on all matters pertaining to skin care, acne, pimple treatment, colloidal silver, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical methods of dealing with health symptoms, chronic health matters and overall body wellness. As with most people, I myself would always seek natural remedies where possible before making my first go-to response, a visit to the general practitioner.

There are some limits to what natural remedies can do and I am a big believer that we were created with self-healing mechanisms in our bodies to deal with infections and illnesses if we can assist the body in going back to a state of “balance.” This may be in the form of changing your diet or taking natural herbs and spices such as ginger, garlic or other readily available items you can find in the store.

But the key focus about this blog is about skin healthcare and its numerous applications in basic healthcare for the home and its potent anti-bacterial properties which also means that it’s an extremely safe and non-surfactant form of sanitization for hands, as well as general germ-busting cleaning applications at home.

Also, the beauty of colloidal silver is its simplicity and its efficacy, no matter how antibiotic-resistant a type of bacteria gets, when faced with colloidal silver, it still meets it match! Please visit and revisit this site and share all the articles on your social media and get the word out on colloidal silver to your friends and loved ones!