Feline Herpes Treatment with Colloidal Silver

Feline herpes treatment with colloidal silver is not a myth. The results are evident from within the second day of dosing. Weepy tear stains clear up very quickly and the treatment can be repeated whenever the symptoms flare up.

feline herpes treatment with colloidal silver

Tips from Cat Sitters On Treating Feline Herpes

What began as a research about Feline Herpes treatment with colloidal silver, became an obsession about making colloidal silver. I was asking a cat-sitter friend what was commonly used to treat cats with the usual symptoms of drippy and often blood-stained tears.

She was told me in an almost matter-of-fact way “just give 1 to 2 ml of colloidal silver and L-Lysine” Her reply had me intrigued, because all the vets were offering so far were their rather expensive version of L-Lysine. I got the L-Lysine off iHerb for way less money and just as much bang for the buck!

Testing Colloidal Silver On My Cats With Herpes

As with any new medication in life, I decided to buy a 30ppm colloidal silver solution at the local drugstore which set me back about $28. I began to use it on my 2 cats who had somehow contracted herpes from their cattery in their days as kittens. (they are both indoor-only cats!) After a day or two I noticed their eyes were much clearer and less tear stains.

The usual accompanying symptoms such as occasional sneezing and wet nose had ceased. I knew that the colloidal silver was doing a marvellous job! Further intrigued, I kept reading more information about how colloidal could be use to treat all sorts of pathogenic infections. It had also begun to dawn on me that if my cats were going to take regular doses of colloidal silver, it was going to be a big financial output to keep my cats healthy if I insisted on using the commercially available colloidal silver.

The Start Of My Own Journey

It didn’t take me much convincing to embark on making my own colloidal silver solution for the treatment of no just my cats’ herpes, but also to use it for myself and my loved ones when the need arose.

I knew that feline herpes treatment with colloidal silver was not only highly effective, but a very viable long term solution. Being the geek that I am, I was scouring the web for all sorts of information on the best way to make colloidal silver, the best equipment for as little money as possible and also all the various applications of colloidal silver in the home.

Soon, all the stuff I ordered online arrived in the mail and I was happily producing my own home-brewed colloidal silver with simply using heated distilled water and my colloidal silver kit running at 0.5mA.

Fighting Off Feline Herpes With Colloidal Silver and silver ions

The best news is that my cats are healthy as can be and their symptoms of herpes is minimal these days. They are both 7 years old and still as energetic and mischievous as they were kittens.

Feed Cats Raw Meat or B.A.R.F

Whilst we are on the topic of cat health, I can’t stress enough the importance of understanding that cats are Obligate Carnivores.

What this means is that they need meat and protein their diets and I only feed a raw meat diet, google BARF for cats for more information or click here for more information on cat BARF. All this nuttiness and obsessiveness towards the health of my pet cats was a result of losing one of my cats to FIV (Feline infectious Peritonitis).

There was simply no known cure for it, and I was completely heartbroken to watch helplessly as my Birman Cat began to lose all appetite. Force feeding did little to stem the onslaught of the condition.

Saying Goodbye To My Feline Friend

On the day I had decided that his breathing had become extremely labored and near his last hours, I brought him to the vet with the intention to put him to sleep to end the suffering. But before I could see the vet, he died in my arms. It was devastating and heartbreaking.

The nightmare of any pet-owner became harsh reality, and it spurred me on to give my other cats the best shot at a long healthy life. Back then I didn’t know anything about colloidal silver and had no clue that viruses and feline herpes treatment with colloidal silver was extremely effective and perhaps I could have tried it on my Birman.

Using Colloidal Silver On Me Myself and I

So back to the power of feline herpes treatment with colloidal silver and some notes on the use of it in cats: As with using it for my own self, I too will not use colloidal silver with any sort of regularity unless symptoms call for it.

Typically, if your cat is having symptoms of Feline Herpes, I would recommend the usual 500mg to 1000mg of L-Lysine Powder in their food as well as syringing some 2-3ml of colloidal silver into their mouths 2 times a day for about 2 days and stopping the silver unless symptoms persist.

The reason I stop the colloidal silver treatment is because sometimes the colloidal silver treatments makes my cats lose some of their appetite if I treat them for more than 4 days at a go, so use some moderation and observe your cat’s behavior. If you cat shows no signs of improvement, a visit to the vet would be advisable.

Will Colloidal Silver solutions work on Herpes in Humans?

For starters I actually used colloidal silver solution that I made at home on a cold sore (another herpes variant) and it worked to calm it down significantly. All I did was to soak a small cotton ball with the silver solution and press it on the affected areas for about 10 minutes. This allowed the silver ions and colloids to penetrate into pores of the skin and the lesions and deal directly with the virus causing it. I keep a bottle in my travel bag whenever I’m overseas for all sorts situations that could otherwise ruin a perfect holiday.


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