Looking for the Best Colloidal Silver You Can Buy Off the Shelf?

If you’re looking to buy a colloidal silver supplement, and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you remove the confusion. It’s only natural that every manufacturer makes some sort of marketing pitch to their potential customers using fancy phrases like “super concentrated”, “50ppm” which just makes the customer none-the-wiser.

Helping You pick the Best Available Colloidal Silver

By the time you read this, more brands would have come onto the market, but you can always our simple guide here on how to make the right decisions and not get sidetracked by marketing jargon, which frankly, doesn’t actually help you come to the right conclusions.

Silver Ions, Silver Particles and Positive Charge

According to peer-reviewed academic reports, silver ions, when positively charged are bio-active. What this means is that these silver ions are readily available for use to deal with pathogens and bacteria. Some better brands of colloidal silver state their ratio of positively charged silver.

Silver Purity, How Important it Is

Silver is a mined metal. Which means in its natural state is is mixed in with other contaminants prior to being refined and extracted in its pure state. These other minerals can be highly toxic even in small quantities which is why even in our own colloidal silver production process, we ensure our silver rods are 99.99% pure.

The other main component of colloidal silver is pure water. Some may insist on “pharmaceutical-grade” purified water meeting USP standards, but the fact is, if it’s distilled, it’s pure enough. There are people who add acids into their colloidal silver making process but I think it just means you might end up creating silver salts (which probably isn’t a good thing anyway)

How is Colloidal Silver Solution Properly Stored and Packed?

If you’re into old-school photography, you’d realise that silver is a major component in film-development. And the main reason this is so is because it reacts readily with light in certain conditions. To keep colloidal silver bioactive and ready for action, good manufacturers will almost always store their solutions in amber glass bottles.

Silver Ion Particle Sizes, Does It Matter?

Yes. It certainly does. Imagine a basketball size silver ball and imagine table tennis balls of the same volume, when tossed in a room, which ball(s) will cover more area?

The logic is similar for particle sizes, where all it takes is a tiny silver particle to disable a single cluster of nasty pathogens, this means that smaller particle sizes spread faster and cover more areas, resulting in less silver being used but they achieve exponentially more potent effects.

How Concentrated is the Silver Solution (Colloidal & Ionic) PPM (Parts Per Million)?

Keeping in mind that smaller particle sizes means you don’t need higher parts per million in an effective silver supplement. Most marketers would like to tout higher numbers in a bid to convince uninformed consumers they are “getting more for their buck”.

Quite honestly, as a producer and consumer of my own colloidal silver, I can safely say that there’s only so much silver ions and colloids you can put in a jug of water because as the process of electrolysis reaches its peak, the silver rods used in dissolving silver particles in the solution start to oxidise.

The safer approach would be to drink smaller concentrations of silver with smaller particle sizes (which we create using very low currents of 0.5ma) and just to drink more when needed, which allows your body to freely evacuate excess out of your body instead of hyper-dosing which may lead to silver toxicity. (but that almost never happens)

Want To Get A Lifetime Worth Of Colloidal Silver For Pennies Per Gallon?

I used to buy bottles that cost me close to $60 a month to deal with my Cat’s feline herpes condition (I’d drip them a little in their mouths and eyes directly to deal with the lesions) but that got a little expensive and that money could have gone to other more useful things in life.

Colloidal silver effectively puts viruses in check, disables bacteria and kills it through cell-suffocation. I discovered you could make your own colloidal silver while surfing online and realized that there are numerous types of silver generators — some look like a elementary-school projects with a 9-volt battery connected with crocodile clips directly to silver rods. Others look more like professional chemical instruments.

What To Look For In A Colloidal Silver Generator

It can be daunting to try to figure out on your own how to make your own colloidal silver solution without some guidance. I’ll go into further detail about the different generators soon on a new article but if you’re just the sort of person that doesn’t want to do too much research.

The main reason I picked this Colloidal Ionic Silver Generator, is for the following features:

  • Controllable consistent current that makes small uniform colloidal silver particles
  • Easy to set up and make batches of colloidal silver for next to nothing

The greatest part of Colloidal Silver being available at home is that it’s safe for any sort of disinfecting around the home without dangerous chemicals and surfactants.

I wrote this article to provide information and background on colloidal silver. It’s seriously so potent with dealing with bacteria and other ailments that I can’t recommend it highly enough so, if you haven’t already got a bottle at home for emergencies, please consider getting a bottle. It could save your day!


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