Can Colloidal Silver Cure Pimples and Acne?

Mainstream medicine would like to keep almost every cure for any known disease, out of the hands of the average person. And as long as the average person doesn’t have the information or the knowledge of the powerful cures we have at our disposable, they will remain vulnerable to sales pitches from the pharmaceutical companies. And of course, they will be constantly called on to buy more medicated gels and creams that claim to cure acne. Can colloidal silver really cure pimples and acne?

Colloidal silver, in my own personal experience is a very powerful weapon and preventive measure when applied to the skin that is prone to acne. I have simply used a misting spray bottle filled with colloidal silver and sprayed generous amounts of it on my face after my facial cleansing routine. The effect of killing any bacteria on contact with the billions of nano silver particles means that acne has almost zero chance of developing on my skin especially when I incorporate it into my personal acne-prevention system.

Understanding Acne

Do you find yourself trying 3 to 4 different creams within a month just to get rid of your acne? Are you spending unnecessary amounts money on “specially formulated” facial cleansers that provide you vague promises of acne free skin? The truth of the matter is that creams and washes only solve part of the problem with regards to acne.

A combination of factors contribute to acne. The two main issues are skin dirt and skin oil.

In a nutshell, when the pores of your skin get dirty and the oils that are secreted by the sebaceous glands of your skin cover the dirt and “lock it in”, bacteria starts living and feeding off the dirt will start to multiply.

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As part of the immune response of the body, your skin starts to get inflamed and the swelling occurs to deal with the “invading bacteria”. This inflammation results in little classic-looking bumps called pimples/acne. When enough of these blocked pores and bacterial growth occurs, clusters of acne appear and that is where the situation starts to get messy.

If you have suffered from large acne outbreaks, you will realise that your skin not only feels tender and swollen, but it also feels warm to the touch.

This is evidence of your body dealing with an infection in a localised area. A typical dermatologist of skin doctor will then start with the standard acne protocols of trying different antibiotics to deal with the bacterial activity and then if that doesn’t work, prescribe steroid creams and accutane-based drugs.

The other problem you have to deal with is the excess oil on the skin (sebum). In any hormonal-related change that occurs in the life of a person, such as stress, puberty, pregnancy and  menopause. All hormonal events are precursors to some sort of biological change, which very often, causes excess oils to be produced by the skin.

How Do We Remove Excess Skin Oil And Pimples?

Most cleansers that are available on the market which are slightly “medicated” are the ones with salicylic acid which is effective in dealing with excess oils.

Think about how dishwashing liquid works to strip grease and stains off a plate and you have a more exaggerated example of how salicylic acid works. The dishwashing liquid comes in contact with the grease and a chemical reaction occurs which pulls the grease/oil molecules off from the surfaces they would otherwise adhere to. It is effective and it works, but is it necessarily good?

Well, from first hand experience, a “stronger” facial cleanser with salicylic acid works initially and helps calm the skin down. But the human body is quite adaptable and is constantly able to compensate for the change in oil levels on the skin.

Have you noticed that as you wash your face more frequently with a cleanser to prevent the oils from building up (rightly so), what happens is that after a few weeks, your face or skin seems to get oiler quicker? That’s the body adapting to the external change. It’s almost as if your skin has a mind of its own and is able to to make up for the loss of oil.

Skin oils aren’t necessarily bad. They actually lock in moisture within the skin to prevent skin from drying out and getting damaged by the dry environment, which leads to all sorts of other infections. The problem occurs when the skin gets oily even when the weather is warm and humid, coupled with the dirt that is encased in the excess oils. This combination then becomes the breeding ground for bacterial colonies.

Choosing a suitable skin cleanser like this that cleans the skin effectively and then following that with a hypoallergenic moisturizing cream like the Khiel’s Ultra Facial cream will help with discouraging the body in producing more skin oils.

Personally, I love Khiel’s line of moisturizers and they do a impressive job of keeping the skin moist and not aggravating my skin during acne outbreaks.

How Colloidal Silver Cures Acne and Pimples

You might have heard that in the 1930s to the 1980s, milkmen would put a silver penny in each milk bottle to stop the milk from going bad too quickly. This powerful antimicrobial action of silver even in its most stable form, also managed to effectively kill bacteria.

Silver has been used as far back the time of the pharaohs and they are as effective today as they were in the past. Perhaps deliberately overlooked by the powers that be, silver would easily take the place of many antibiotics today otherwise.

Silver ions actually puncture bacterial membranes and cause destruction of the bacterium by binding to the cell’s DNA and preventing the bacteria from performing its life-functions, rendering it useless.

Colloidal silver is in essence, the most harmless and the most powerful antigen to any pathogenic organisms known to man. You can even watch an amazing video on how it shows bacteria dying immediately on contact with silver.

Colloidal silver is also a remarkable and extremely safe treatment for eczema, you can read my other article here.

Silver Ions Vs Colloidal Silver (Silver Nanoparticles)

Silver ions are extremely powerful antimicrobials but the downside is that they tend to be readily combined with other elements and compounds such as chlordies, phosphates and other cellular components. Which means that they may not reach their intended bacterial targets before being rendered ineffective when coming into contact with other elements and compounds.

Or in other words, they are intercepted before being of any use if ingested.

Colloidal Silver (Silver Nanoparticles) on the other hand is more “stable” and serves as a carrying mechanism that is packed with silver ions that travel around and do not get intercepted like silver ions do.

As a result, silver nanoparticles are now used in catheters, surgical dressing, household goods and even clothing. You can ready more about this in the Environmental Health Perspectives government’s article Understanding the Germicidal Effects of Silver Nanoparticles

Silver, both in ionic and nanoparticle forms have been observed to kill germs initially, and then continue to also become germ-killing long after their death. This explains why silver has an unbeatable long-lasting antibacterial power.

Scientist have created experiments where silver was used to kill bacteria and their dead “corpses” and silver was separated and the dead bacteria was then placed with live bacteria.

The result was that 99.99% of all the new living bacteria were killed off after being exposed to the dead bacteria that were killed by silver. Which means that silver’s bacteria killing abilities are far bigger than we realised. Microbiologist who have studied and commented on the phenomena are calling it the “zombie effect”.

Within the circles of people discussing colloidal silver, there is an ongoing debate about silver ions vs colloidal silver and even if their concentration levels can be effectively measured. All in a bid to get the most potent mixture and composition available.

My take on it is that if you have high quality colloidal silver, you will undoubtedly also have both silver ions and nanoparticles in the same solution that work just as well.

Most people who have invested huge amounts of time into documenting colloidal silver argue that not all silver particles are the same. The concluded that smaller the colloidal silver particles, and the higher concentrations you can have, the better and more potent the mixture.

How Can Colloidal Silver be Used To Treat And Kill Acne-causing Bacteria?

Here’s what you will need:

  1. High quality colloidal silver like: MesoSilver 20ppm Colloidal Silver 500ml
  2. Washed and empty Amber Glass Spray Bottle
  3. A recommended deep cleansing facial wash like Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash 16oz

If you have access to colloidal silver, mix about tablespoon of high-quality colloidal silver with your facial wash during your cleansing routine (don’t worry about using too much). As you gently massage the silver facial wash mixture as you normally would over your face and problematic skin areas, the silver particles will get into the pores of your skin and as a result kill any bacteria on contact. Rinse off your face and skin and pat dry.

Pour some colloidal silver into an amber spray bottle. The amber bottle’s walls keeps your colloidal silver in a stable state by prevent UV from light from breaking it down, so you don’t end up wasting the silver.

Spritz your face and affected skin areas after you facial washing is complete and try to let it naturally air dry. This will give it time for the nano silver particles to soak into your skin pores and kill off any existing bacteria and any other bacteria that builds up until your next facial wash.

I have had amazing success with this simple regimen and acne-causing bacteria seem to be eradicated effectively and I think it would work for pretty much anyone who is struggling. Most importantly it is safe.

Expensive Colloidal Silver? You Can Make High Quality Colloidal Silver At Home For Pennies Per Gallon

Colloidal silver was so effective for my cat’s feline herpes that I used it for my family in the treatment of food poisoning and other bacteria-causing ailments. It has saved many a family vacation from being ruined by a bout of food-poisoning!

Would you believe that it stopped the diarrhea within 30 mins of ingesting 3 tablespoons of 5ppm (5 parts-per-million) silver?

It’s true. And I have experienced this at least 15-20 times in my life and I’ve shared some silver with my friends and they have always thanked me for it.

But buying it from the stores became an expensive affair and I had to find an alternative way of getting my colloidal silver.

Generating your own colloidal silver isn’t all that difficult. All you need are 2 silver rods immersed in distilled water and a source of electrical current for the silver to be dissolved into the water (some people actually just use a standard 9v battery hooked up with crocodile cables and silver rods. But the quality of the colloidal silver depends on the stability of the current and that’s where I would recommend getting a high quality colloidal silver-making kit that would last you many years of fuss-free colloidal making.

After doing a lot of research I decided that The Original Silver Generator X20 Package (shown above) was the best for my use at home and would guarantee highest quality colloidal silver with regular nano particle sizes. It comes with 99.99% pure silver rods which ensures your safety.

You can make a batch of 32oz (about 1 litre) of colloidal silver in about 90 mins. The best part about it is that it comes with the automatic stirrer while the electrodes sit on top and you only need to follow the instructions and you will be on your way to make at least 150 gallons (maybe even more) of colloidal silver with just 2 silver rods.

So if you do the math, it comes up to about $1.90 for a gallon or less! That’s a truckload of bacteria-killing power for practically a price of a drink at McDonalds.

If you’re looking for a lower-cost alternative, The Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit with Air Pump would also do the trick but I would still go for The Original Silver Generator X20 Package simply for the quality and the consistency as well as ease of use.

Nothing Compares With Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a proven germ-buster that does not leave harmful chemicals in your bloodstream like antibiotics would in acne and pimple treatment protocols. And you can use it topically as well as ingested as long as you follow the process of making high-quality colloidal silver or store purchased ones.

What colloidal silver will do is to effectively kill bacteria on contact and reduce the potential of any acne from forming on your skin. I’ve even used colloidal silver as a spray on my wife’s back acne and it has gone away in about a week.

Approaching Acne Treatment in a Holistic Way

Are you struggling with hormonal acne? Is your cystic cane driving you crazy?

Colloidal silver treatments will go a long way to treating pimples and is highly effective topically but I always believe in a holistic approach to dealing with physical symptoms.

Acne can be more effectively dealt with through a step-by-step system without the use of pharmaceuticals. If you would like to read my story on how I got rid of my long-standing acne since my teens, read my review of the Acne No More system here.

“People are looking at my face with envious glances because of my acne-free skin, and I’m loving every bit of it…”– click to find out that one simple trick.


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