Protecting Yourself and Your Family From COVID-19 and What You Can Do

The threat is real and it has been growing since my last post about The Wuhan Coronavirus. I’m writing this blog to highlight some really important information that you may not be already aware of when it comes to protecting your family.

UPDATE: The World Health Organization (W.H.O) has declared then SARS-Cov-2 or COVID-19 epidemic, now a pandemic. This means that community outbreaks are occurring globally. It's time to buckle down and stay safe. Social distancing can and will reduce infection numbers so frontline healthcare services won't be overwhelmed.  

You can see in the case of Iran and Italy, where healthcare couldn't meet the peak infection rates, the fatality rates hit 5-6% instead of other countries like Taiwan and South Korea where the rates were under 3%. The difference in percentages seem small, but when you're thinking of populations of 60 million and up, that is a significant number of fatalities.

Precautions: You Should Already be Taking 

Know Your Health Risks Based On Your Medical History and Age And Your Body’s Ability to Fight Off SARS-COV2

The statistics are out in almost growing exponential numbers right now outside of China and it is safe to say that your risks increase significantly if you suffer from hypertension, heart-disease, diabetes or any other known chronic condition that may already put a strain on your immune system.

This risk is further increased if you’re aged 70 and above.

Let me explain: These are just general statistics and the risk numbers for people under the age of 70 aren’t as significant — There is a 15% risk of death for someone in the age group once they enter the ICU for COVID19.

The point is, you want to be managing your risk as much as you can so you don’t end up as fighting for ICU beds when the disease peaks. This also helps reduce the strain on medical facilities in your state or city.

3M respirator mask

Here’s a short list of items you can start working on:

  1. Stay away from crowds
  2. Avoid unnecessary travel or commuting if you can help it
  3. Wear a face mask, make one on your own if you have to if you’re out. Anything to cover your face at this point beats nothing if you’re out and about and someone sneezes near you
  4. Surgical masks and N95 NIOSH-approved ones are rising in cost or simply unavailable right now
  5. Don’t touch your face
  6. Wash your hands as often as possible
  7. Sleep your 7-8 hours to keep your immunity up
  8. Get sunshine for your dose of your vitamin-D to help your body fight off infections.

Running The Numbers, Lack of Hospital Care is Almost a Certainty During A COVID-19 Pandemic

Expert epidemiologists are expecting that 70% of the entire global population will be infected with the COVID-19 disease. And if you take the numbers at face value and assume that 40% of the cases will happen within the next few weeks, 1% will be fatalities, 2% will be critically ill to the point they may need ICU ventilator support.

Assuming you live in the USA, based on a 360 million population. You’re talking 2.8 million critical cases that require ventilator machines to keep those patients alive for an average of a month.

Can we blame the government, should we blame the CDC and other agencies? Let’s forget about that for a second.

It’s called a pandemic, no one expects it and in “peacetime” it would rack up enormous running bills just to maintain an infrastructure to respond to a massive black swan (absolutely catastrophic and unexpected) event at this global level. It’s just not financially feasible to have too many redundant medical facilities operating without a pandemic as it would add tremendous bills to a patient.

If you’re upset and anxious about it, I absolutely empathise with you. I pray that all my readers will be blessed with divine protection against any disease during this critical time. But all the governments are using the same playbook at this time. They are prioritising all their communications to instil calm and will do anything to spin information to maintain calm.

Because panic will certainly lead to serious results, crime waves, looting and other panic-related behaviour. We’re seeing this in the massive stockpiling by families right now and unfortunately there are homeless and people who are severely at risk that don’t have any options.

This is assuming that you’re out of options and you cannot get a spot in ICU and if you or your loved one is showing severe symptoms of COVID-19 (I pray you won’t ever be in this situation).

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop any comments you have and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

God bless you and stay healthy!

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