Wuhan Coronavirus #nCov2019 And How Colloidal Silver Can Help Your Body’s Natural Defence

The Wuhan Virus COVID-19, Politics Has Been A Barrier To Actual Science

It's really a global high risk epidemic now. SARS-COV2 or COVID-19 are now the official names that the World Health Organization has given for the extremely virulent disease.

There's no joking about the coronavirus that is afflicting entire Chinese cities and the death toll is climbing. What's unsurprising is that the Chinese, since 2003 have not been entirely forthcoming about the data and we have clear evidence of the Mayor of Wuhan on the 27 January 2020 in a televised broadcast interview stating that they had to seek approvals before releasing information. 

That slowness to report the devastating spread of the virus has resulted in a near impossibility for the world to respond fast enough to its reach and onslaught.

How Colloidal Silver Can Help Your Body Stay Strong

COVID19 disease severity, according to current world statistics, seems to affect people with pre-existing conditions, and if you are dealing with an ongoing infection apart from COVID19, this may put further load on your body's ability to fight any possible coronavirus infection. 

Colloidal silver can supplement your body's ability to fight pathogens such as bacterial infections and has been observed to starve bacteria of needed oxygen, thus disabling potentially harmful germs from propagating further.

Atomizers, Ultrasonic Humidifiers To Help

Similar to a nebulizer, using colloidal silver in its atomized form may not just help with keeping your respiratory tract moistened and keeping their membranes less susceptible to bacterial infections.

How Do Viruses Cause Serious Disease?

Viruses invade living cells in your body, and penetrate the nucleus of the same cell and make the cell reproduce virus instead of healthy cells. It's this very subversive way of hijacking your healthy cells to do its dirty-work that causes the deadly symptoms because it destroys your healthy cells.

Some viruses specifically target the cells in your lungs which are known to have ACE2 receptors (which makes them the prime invasion point) and cause debilitating symptoms. Needless to say, that results in some seriously deadly forms of pneumonia which shows up as shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. 

Having pneumonia go untreated is like dying from slow suffocation as your body is gradually being starved of much needed oxygen.

The newly reproduced virus will then make its way into your circulatory system via bloodstream which then makes you even sicker as it replicates copies of itself and destroys healthy cells in the process.

When a virus first invades a cell, part of the living cell reverts into its more primal cellular state and cell structure. The oxygen metabolising enzyme in the cell wall also similarly becomes a primal form of itself which is then chemically able to react with the incoming colloidal silver.

As a result, the primal form of the oxygen metabolizing enzyme then gets killed off by starving it of its ability to receiving oxygen, which also in-turn kills off the virus' self-replicating process within minutes. 

How do silver nanoparticles work as an antiviral?

Silver nanoparticles interact with HIV-1 based on their size. According to a peer-reviewed article on www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, Silver particles were tested found to be able to bind with the virus and show an ordered spatial alignment. and have the capacity to be indeed virucidal depending on their size. In other words, to be effective virus-disablers, there needed to be sufficient small sized silver particles that would effectively create a “cap” that inhibited the virus from infectivity. 

Although a typical solution of colloidal silver contains nano particles as well as ionic silver, it was the nanoparticles that proved 12 times more useful in the inhibition of viruses, versus ionic forms, at concentrations were at about 0.44 to 0.91 mg/mL.

Colloidal silver is so effective in being antiviral that its effects are still present 12 hours after cell infection with a HIV virus, which makes it a prime candidate for being a broad-spectrum antiviral agent not prone to pathogenic resistance. 

In a nutshell, colloidal silver particles, when generated at a low constant current will yield particles at such small sizes that they are perfect to attache themselves to viruses and disable their ability to replicate themselves with any host cell. 

This is truly nanotechnology working with medical science and it could save us from trying to outwit constantly evolving bacteria and viruses!

No One Likes A Worst Case Scenario - Colloidal Silver Can Fight Viruses And Bacterial Infection

In an ideal world, if you're reading this, you'd get world-class treatment in event of catching the virus. I hope you don't.

But in a global pandemic, there is a high possibility that hospitals will not be able to attend to all cases. Which means that some people will be left without treatment or waiting for treatment and may suffer worsening conditions as is the situation facing Wuhan. 

Make no doubt about it. A fast-moving deadly virus and the possibility of overloaded hospitals without enough beds or medical workers to attend to you is real.

Imagine if you could give yourself a fighting chance by using colloidal silver to reduce bacterial infection of your lungs and reduce the virus' ability to replicate, I'd say that dramatically improves your odds in any survival situation.

note: I'm not a medical professional and using colloidal silver in an atomized form may have undocumented risks. But if you're in a bad spot, you will need to make your own judgment call on this. Having said that, I've used it as a nebulizer to great benefit and suffered no known ill-effects.

What Can Do About Protecting Yourself from COVID-19?

Apart from prevention, the inevitable may happen by way of a loved one unsuspectingly transmitting the virus to you and your family.

What you want to be prepared for is to know what to do to maximizing your chances of self-recovery and not needing to be warded in a hospital, or even placed into ICU with a ventilator machine to keep you breathing.

Staying healthy with a strong immune system with good rest, diet and physical activity as well as avoiding potentially catching an infection is vital.

Surgical Masks Are Out of Stock? How To Protect Yourself and Your Family From The Coronavirus

I've detailed some other important information if you have a family and want to protect yourself and your family during this pandemic. 

Boost Your Immune System So You Don't Get Seriously Ill From Viral Infections

A lowered immunity, chronic pain, insomnia, skin issues, depression and anxiety often come from the same root cause. And I hope you will never get into the situation where you have to deal with a pandemic-level infection AND struggle with your ongoing chronic illness.

New research has shown the undoubted effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to deal with chronic health conditions, and also chronic pain. What western medicine does is to use protocols that deal with symptoms individually with prescriptions.

And that's where the problems begin. This is known as "prescription cascade" where you dose your body with all hypertension pills, pain pills, heart pills, cholesterol pills, etc. 

Your Body Has It's Natural Healing Force — And It's Often Underestimated

Most chronic conditions come with some sort of pain or discomfort, which is your body's signalling system to tell you something is wrong. But often, a skin issue may not have its cause at the skin-level, but more often than not, it may be a result of an issue with your gut-health.

But if you're someone above the age of 40, you'd realize that you're probably on some sort of pill for your your "medical condition". But that in itself, may be disrupting your body's natural balance by flooding it with unnatural chemicals that cause other irritations and inflammation. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doesn't Mean You Need Needles in You

What is not widely known is that accupressure, when combined with meridian frequencies can be an extremely effective alternative to acupuncture or electro-acupnucture. There's a natural synergy with a breakthrough in the world of natural healing science — combining Acupressure and Frequency Therapy.

Reduce Your Pain. Boost Your Immunity.

Find out how you can use accupressure and frequency therapy and get your body to heal itself, without more prescriptions.

7-8 hours of sleep each day

Get yourself well rested. It's the 100% free way to ensure your own health and survival. Studies have shown that if you sleep your 7-8 hours a day, you will reap the benefits of cellular repair and increase of growth hormone which also boost your immune system. Getting less than hour 7 hours of sleep each day, will certainly reduce your immune system to effectively fight off pathogenic infections.

Elderberry Juice and Syrup

One of the most potent health and immune boosters is Elderberry Syrup which you can purchase from Amazon and something that my family uses to prevent infection and to speed up recovery in event that illness does happen. For kids, you can add that in their juices and they'd be happy to gulp it down and boost their health. Easy and fuss free but works wonders.

Make Your Own High Quality Nano Silver Particles and Colloidal Silver

​You could buy a bottle of colloidal silver, but it's going to set you back close to $20-$35 for small bottle that may last a few days and you have no way of ascertaining their quality. Unless you make it yourself. That's why I always recommend my friends to get their own colloidal silver kit and make it in their own home for pennies and at the quality that would easily surpass that of the bottled ones you find at the pharmacy or drugstore.

I made a guide on how you can make colloidal silver with a generator, so you can refer to it if you've decided to make your own.

Sells a bottle for $25+

Do yourself and your family a favor and be prepared, because your colloidal silver generator can also be used to create all sorts of useful germicidal/antiseptic salves and lotions to stop pathogens, safe to use with baby toy sanitation and more! I make approximately 10 gallons in a year. A unit I recommend will save you that in one single large batch. Tip: I make my own body deodorant (aluminium free!) and works superbly to keep myself smelling fresh all day 🙂

Good quality colloidal silver solutions contain high amounts of very small colloidal silver nano particles that allows easier absorption as opposed to large concentrations of large particles which would be less effective.

It's like trying to coat a fish fillet with marbles vs coating with fine flour batter, you're going to get better coverage with smaller particles.

Note: If you're trying to get your hands on a generator and they are completely out of stock, you can still grab a few large bottles of colloidal silver here while waiting on your machine to be restocked and sent out.

A well-built colloidal silver generator has the ability to hold a small constant current across their cathodes and anodes (silver rods) which is proven to create the smallest silver particle sizes. This is why you want to make sure you get yourself a reputable colloidal silver generator. 

Be Prepared With Adequate Protection, But Have Your Own Treatment Plan When Things Go Sideways 

While surgical masks and N95 masks are getting sold out by panic buying, you may find yourself with some limited options, but I'd start with staying away from crowds, and hunkering down at home with internet access. 

Top that off with a ready stash of Colloidal Silver for your family and friends, you might just save a life in the worst possible scenario. Keeping infection away helps buy time for yourself to receive treatment.

It's getting really hairy out there whether you're in the USA or Europe or Asia, I wish you nothing but good health for you and your loved ones.

So stay safe and God bless you.

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