Eat Foods That Help Eczema Go Away

It’s 2am, and I’m tossing about in my bed because the itch behind my knee is unbearable. The calamine lotion doesn’t seem to be helping to ease the discomfort and I think that last scratch that I did may have nicked the skin through and my blood is starting to stain the bedsheet. I’m really tired and eczema really is ruining my life. Isn’t there a way to get rid of eczema once and for all? Can I eat foods that help eczema go away?

Does this sound familiar to you?

I’ve been there and I’m here to tell you the secret that most doctors refuse to talk about — You can eat foods that help eczema go away. No steroids required. No more horrid side-effects.

Start to Eat Foods That Help Eczema Go Away Today

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) occurs when a combination of environmental and gene triggers happen. People who suffer from eczema may have a more reactive immune system which responds quickly and aggressively to allergens. This then results in reddish and inflamed skin.

You can read more about what modern science says about eczema and the medical papers that cover this topic is extensive. However there is growing evidence that certain foods can help eczema go away!

Amino Acid Glycine – The Skin Repair Agent

Bone broth that is prepared at home by using beef or chicken bone can be highly beneficial for the following:

  • Skin healing
  • Minimizing scars during healing
  • Reducing eczema itching
  • Immune system boosting
  • Improving sleep and energy levels
  • Increase gut health

Why is bone broth so effective in healing? Did you know that your skin is the single largest organ in the human body? Just as we take care of critical organs like your heart and lungs, apart from cleaning your skin, it would be wise to also take care of it through feeding it with proper nutrients.


Arginine is an amino acide that is essential in the skin healing process. It is known to boost your immune system and regulate hormonal levels.

Coupled with the fact that it superb as an anti-inflammatory, it works effectively to regulate skin health and keep eczema at bay.


Marrow is found deep inside the bone structure, which is why when we use it as a broth, it releases that gelatin that is highly beneficial to maintaining healthy skin. Gelatin works by moving nutrients through guy during digestion and also is the basic building block of collagen, which is the the agent that keeps skin elastic and supple.

Omega 3 Oils

By now, you would have come across the need for Omega-3 fatty acids for boosting your health. The reason is pretty simple:

Modern day diets that are carbohydrate driven and the snack-culture puts a lot of omega-6 in our bodies but without enough omega-3s, we run into a diet imbalance.

Wild fish oils are the best form of omega-3 oils and are extremely potent in dealing with inflammation. They contain Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that lower heart disease, regulate cholesterol and blood pressure as well as stave off arterial plague.

Omega 3 is extremely important because it prevents inflammation for the micro arteries within your body. Which is also why it is known to be good for eye-health and overall reduction in your body’s inflammation response. After much pouring many hours of research, here are my 2 best picks that you can get because of their all purity of natural ingredients and minimal possible ocean contamination from mercury sources.

For a good omega-3 supplement, you can go for Wiley s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Prenatal DHA 600 mg 180 Fish Softgels

Natural Factors – Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil 1000mg, Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, 180 Soft Gels

Alternatively if you prefer eating whole foods, just go to your local fish market and pick up any of your favourite fish and eat more fish than your regular poultry of beef products so you get your those omega-3s into your body and doing the good that they were created for!


Bananas are famed from their high potassium content and complex nutrients that are known to deal with eczema flare ups. They are an excellent food source and contain fantastic amounts of natural anti-oxidants.

One odd tip that people have had amazing success with is to use the inside of the banana peel and to rub it gently on the affected area and to rinse off after 5-10 minutes. Please note that there are some individuals who have the opposite reaction to bananas, so always do a challenge-test on foods if you are dealing with any skin condition.

Pumpkin and Chia Seeds

These seeds contain high amounts of zinc that help with wound healing as well the ability to metabolize fatty-acids that you should be consuming. It’s one thing to consume the best of omega-3 fatty acids, and another thing to actually ensure that you reap the full benefits of your supplements.


This is perhaps the most powerful of all “foods” that I would recommend eating because I have personally had the most staggering results with consuming high-quality probiotics. But I had very mixed results when I used different probiotics because of the purity and the different strains that are in the market.

The best way to tell if a probiotic is high quality and not just a random potpurri of bacteria types, is to actually check the ingredient labels. Companies that like to fudge on the details (as well as the quality) of the product NEVER INDICATE THE EXACT STRAIN INDENTIFICATION NUMBER. This could be “Lactobacillus Bravis W63” as opposed to “13 strains of Lactobacilius”.

That’s because the companies that actually label their probiotics properly and know what goes into their product and are able to replicate every batch with consistency will label the exact strains and their composition within the probiotic product.

If you need to start with a product that works. Go for good quality probiotics like Klaire Labs – Target gb-X – Gut Brain Axis Probiotic Blend, 30 Sachets



This has worked extremely well and it’s not just my skin that has benefitted from good probiotics but my energy levels and my periodic blood-tests are making my doctor and me very happy! So, if you want actual results, get a good quality probiotic.

Note: I also give this to my daughter and she has had less sick-days at her pre-school by almost 90%.

Making a change to your diet and probiotic intake takes time so remember that you will need to heal your body over time and it will get better with proper treatment.

What Not To Eat If You Suffer From Eczema

Processed Foods:

Processed foods contain all sorts of chemical additives and preservatives which are known to be triggers of eczema as well as asthma, so where possible, avoid eating processed foods such as sausages, luncheon meats, corned beef, snacks.

Stick to whole foods where possible and it should eliminate the triggers that cause your eczema.

Food Allergens:

If you have an eczema event, and you recently changed your diet or ate something within a week of eczema flare up, try to remember what you ate and avoid possible food-based allergens. This may include gluten, dairy, shellfish or even peanuts.

Remember, as you age, your body also undergoes changes which may mean that what you previously weren’t affected by, may now become and allergen to you. Other symptoms of allergens are asthma or bowel irritation.

Avoid Sugar

If you haven’t been keeping up with recent research findings, I’m here to tell you that refined sugars you find in your favourite soda, candy, cupcakes, brownies and other desserts actually are the cause of a lot of health problems.

Sugar causes insulin spikes in your body and causes inflammation of your body to occur. Also excess sugar reduces your body’s ability to fight off infection.

Yes, so get rid of unnecessary sugar intake and you will live a more healthy and longer life.

You Are Not Alone

Over a hundred million people around the world suffer from eczema at some stage of their lives. For about 20% of these people, eczema continues throughout their adulthood.

Many sufferers are prescribed some form of steroids which usually have other side-effects and do more long-term damage to total-body health.

If you have constantly reddish flaky skin and sometimes scratch till your skin breaks and starts to bleed, I want to tell you about a system that I have tried that I would highly recommend you check out. Find out how I actually got rid of my eczema without any more steroid medication but a proven step-by-step plan.


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