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My Eczema Free Forever Review: What Happened to My Skin When I Followed The 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Course.

It’s 2.46am and I was scratching my arm and the back of my knee frantically to pacify the incessant itching that was getting worse. My nails are almost as tired as my skin. I fall asleep after an hour from the exhaustion, only to wake up in the morning to blood stained bedsheet because of my bleeding skin.

Do you experience a prickly itch and even flaky and sensitive skin? Is your skin riddled with battle scars from several itching episodes? Are the steroids you are currently taking making you put on excess weight and actually making you feel more horrible?


Hi There! My name is Adrian Silvera and I’d like to share with you about my personal experience with Eczema Free Forever. It was created to help people who struggle with mild to severe eczema.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I noticed patches of my skin getting rashes, they would appear behind my knees and above my elbows as well as my neck and shin.

I remember getting these reddish and inflamed patches when I was a kid and I started to have flashbacks: the sleepless nights trying to ignore the itchiness and avoid scratching my rashes.

When the weather was warm and humid, these reddish patches would start to swell a bit more and spread. And the fact that I began to have asthma attacks also made me feel worse. I felt my world crashing around me trying to avoid the itch, looking for some sort of cream that would get rid of it.

I would have worn shorts during the warm weather months but chose to wear jeans so I could hide the scars and also to keep myself from physically scratching my knees and making the situation worse.

I actually contemplated just lying for hours in a cold bath because cold showers were the time I had the most relief, apart from the initial sting of the water hitting my open and sometimes raw skin. Ouch. I still cringe just thinking about the pain I endured.

Doctor visits were a chore because I kind of knew that he was going to tell me the same things, to prescribe the same treatments and to keep the bills piling up. I was exasperated and mostly resigned to living with the eczema.

In fact, I had become so frustrated I actually wished that I could stay at home all day and not go out and face the world. But my story was one of surprise and delight. I would have my victory over this dreaded skin disorder!

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As with anyone who has a medical condition — I punched in “how to get rid of eczema forever” in Google and just clicked the first page results. I found the Eczema Free Forever website and with great skepticism, I read the usual sales pitch and testimonials but was relatively negative about trying something new.

But I remember my emotional state then. I was completely desperate and knew that I wouldn’t find the cure with any prescription, so I just said “screw it, the medication isn’t helping and nothing that the clinic does is making any difference.”

That’s when I decided that I would purchase the ebook and give it a good shot before giving up on finding a cure.

Who Is This Program For?

If you are above 12 years old and have skin that exhibits the classic signs of eczema (patchy itchy skin, constant rash) this ebook guide will be suitable for you. The book also includes a section on childhood eczema and how to treat young people with eczema.

This ebook will be a valuable addition to your natural healing library and is a real eye-opener to understanding how eczema is treated at the source of the problem.

Does This Course Need Me To Buy Expensive Medication?

No. Absolutely not. The idea behind the entire program is to use absolutely natural means to address what is happening in your body and to get it to heal itself and stop manifesting eczema patches.

If I Follow The Course, How Long Till I Get Rid Of All The Acne?

Everyone’s eczema condition will differ. The more serious your condition, the more time it will take. The book states that you can cure eczema in as little as 3 days. But in all honesty, it took me about 5 days before I saw the noticeable results. But most importantly I did see the results I was dreaming of.


The 75 page guide comes with a lot of extremely valuable information and treatment insights that would help you treat and cure the eczema problem you have. I learnt so much about my condition just reading the first 2 chapters of the book.

Here’s what you will learn after reading the book

  • What causes eczema and how you can prevent it
  • Practical steps and action you can take to take to cure eczema without toxic medication and prescription drugs
  • Learning to treat eczema in children and how it is different from treating an adult
  • How to speed up healing of your skin and even reverse the visible signs of ageing
  • Alleviating itching skin and tips to reduce pain so you can sleep better
  • How you can improve your skin texture, making it softer and smoother as well as improving your digestion and increasing your energy levels
  • The recently added bonus materials: Healthy eating Guide and Using Spirulina and Chlorella Superfoods, The Healing Power of Water, 177 Ways to  Burn Calories, Supplementing with Superfoods, The 7 Secrets to a Good Diet, 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed, A Handbook of Health. (Click here to see if it’s still included)

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My Personal Thoughts

I always believe in treating the body holistically by addressing the root of the problem when it comes to skin or any health condition so I was particular fond of the course. It wasn’t about hype or written by someone who was uninformed but it was actually put together by someone who unlocked the cure for eczema.

The small fee for the book is nothing compared to the valuable method in getting rid of eczema once and for all, and freeing you from the pain and costs associated with traditional prescription creams from the doctor.

What struck me the most was the fact that following the guide really did work in freeing me of eczema and I felt that it was not just under-control but completely eradicated. ‘

I was also suffering from eczema on my eyelids as well as a worsening asthma condition but strangely, following the steps in the ebook, my asthma disappeared as quickly as my eczema did, so that was a big win for me.

Apart from the actual results here are some pros and cons.

It works! It really does work as long as you follow the book’s recommendations and plan. I give it 5-stars easily simply because it gets the job done and I’m pretty happy I don’t need to visit the doctor for my eczema anymore.

The price. For what I got, was chump change compared to what I would otherwise have to pay the doctors and the “experts” in the long run of eczema treatment.


The bonus materials were also fantastic for learning to eat healthy and also introducing Spirulina and Chrlorella superfoods, and a whopping extra 6 books that would help with my health! I love free stuff so no complaints here.

No ebook is perfect, and this isn’t either. I think some videos would have been great additions to help people who prefer a visual/audio stimulated learning experience. I think an audio ebook would have been perfect as well!

As an eczema sufferer, I absolutely empathise with you if you are going through the dark period of eczema and before it gets any worse, I hope you would consider giving the ebook a look.

Getting yourself free of itchy, red, flaky, painful skin is something that is within reach today. Thanks for reading my review and be sure to click the button below to find out more about Eczema Free Forever.

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