Heal Your Adrenal Glands & Dispel Chronic Fatigue

5 Things You need to Do To Beat Chronic Fatigue and Heal Your Adrenals

I’m going to cover some important things and then what to do if you have an adrenal issue, and metabolic issues.

First of all you need to know that the adrenal gland adapts the body to all stress states. It prepares the body and it adapts it for a stress state. The problem is all stress accumulates in the body, even from birth. It’s stopped there, what we have to do is we have to extract all the body’s stress, because it’s still there, even the injury on your head when you were ten, all that stuff is still there.

It’s almost as if your adrenals are reacting now, in present time, to old stuff. You have too many applications on your desktop computer that are running in the past, that sucks energy from the adrenal in the present time, making the adrenal not function correctly. The adrenal gland is unique in that it has outside and an inside. The outside is gland, the inside is all nerve tissue. The nerves, it’s called the flight or fight, adrenalin type things. I’m not going to give you a lot on that right now, but the point is you need to know that this is where the hub of stress occurs.

It’s right on top of the kidney, you have the pituitary that controls on a feedback circuit, back and forth. There are two acupressure techniques that you’re gonna learn, but you’re going to need help on one of them. Because there’s something in advance I’m going to show you that will really help chill out those adrenals, and I’ll explain exactly how to do it. Now, what you have to do is there are, several key things that we recommend in addition to the acupressure. The acupressure extracts the stress but there’s some nutritional things.

Get Your Mineral Balance Back To Heal Your Adrenals

B1, Vitamin B1, the more stress you experience the more Vitamin B1 you deplete. The best source of B1 is in nutritional yeast. You can get it from the health food store, try to find the one that is non-fortified and this will really help counter nervous tension and stress in your body. The way you know you’re deficient in B1 is you have a lot of built up stress and you want to explode. But my Adrenal Day formula has natural B1 in it, because it’s hard to find. The Adrenal Day, when people take it they feel really calm, that’s because of one of the things it has which is B1.

The other things is potassium. Even if you have a blood test it’s not going to show up, because 98% of all your potassium is inside the cell, not in your blood. Your cells have to be severely depleted before it even shows up on a blood test. Potassium, the main function of potassium, is to help support the nervous system. When you don’t have enough potassium, your anxiety, you have stress, you have nerve issues, it affects the heart, it’s an electrolyte. It’s very important in to calming the body and helping things like restless leg syndrome.

The way you get that is from the big salads. You need, you ever see those big plastic things of salad that are like these squares, that’s probably about 8 ounces. That’s how much salad you need, that’s eight cups per day. One ounce per cup, you need to start having more salads or vegetables to get the potassium in your body. A banana’s 300mg, you need 4,700, so forget the fruit. Adrenal Fatigue formula, we have a product that’s called Adrenal Fatigue formula. The new name is called Adrenal Night formula, it’s the same formula.

Other Nutrients You Need Before Bedtime To Get Energy Back

You can take one before bed, that has certain nutrients to put you in a relax state so you can actually go to sleep at night. We recommend that. Then Adrenal Day, during the day, because it has the natural Bs to actually extract, and it has a lot of other things too to help extract stress. As far as the exercise goes, we recommend low intensity things. You can do yoga, but walking is the best. Get out there and walk, as long as you can because that really will, you need low intensity, lots of breathing to be able to pull out the stress.

This is the protocol for adrenal. In the next part we’re going to show you how to do acupressure on the adrenals and then there’s a last part we’ll show you some advanced things to do with the adrenal as well, but you’re going to need someone else to do that on you.

Adrenal Issues Are On The Rise

Adrenal issues affect millions of Americans, and I remember years and years ago when chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome came on the scene. There are a lot of theories as to why. Some people believe chronic fatigue is resulted by Epstein-Barr Virus and a high titer. Epstein-Barr is common in mono, mononucleosis. So think about having mono long term. You lack energy, you’re a little bit depressed, some people have aches and pains.

But because chronic fatigue syndrome was not considered by Western medicine a real disease, it was often called the yuppie flu because they believed that the wealthy were more likely to have these symptoms. But today, we know that chronic fatigue is real as is chronic fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome or CFIDS which can be so bad, the symptoms can manifest similar to AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. So folks, this is serious. This isn’t just waking up and needing some coffee. This is waking up and not wanting to get out of bed day after day and constantly having to pull yourself up off the ground and not knowing why.

5 Steps To Overcome Chronic Fatigue You can Take Today

Well here are five steps to overcome chronic fatigue. Now, mind you there are many great resources and I want to encourage you to visit our other pages for more information and articles on these specific recommendations. But if you have chronic or even intermittent fatigue, I bet you will benefit from these five steps. And as always, we want to encourage you, if you love this information make sure to hit that Like button and even more importantly, punch that Share button so you can share this message with those that need it.

Number One, Get Rid of Food Sensitivities

Even if you’re not experiencing chronic fatigue, we’ve all had times when we have as I said, intermittent or episodic fatigue and these are very important tools to transform your health. Let’s get started. Number one, eliminate food sensitivities. Now, there are certainly ways to get a food sensitivity test, an ALCAT or ELISA test will tell you what foods you are likely to be sensitive to. But in case you want results right now and you don’t want to go get blood work, you don’t want to do sort of an allergy or sensitivity test, I want to tell you the top eight common allergens to avoid that can really help you.

Looking on the screen you can see wheat and dairy specifically the sticky protein in wheat, gluten, and dairy, are at the top of the list, as would be soy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts. Those eight common allergens are responsible for 91% of allergic reactions. But, allergies that are really blatant are not all we’re talking about. Many people have underlying sensitivities and you can have a reaction that is delayed days later than when you’re dealing with antigen exposure or consuming that food.

But listen, if you have chronic fatigue, start by eliminating gluten, that would be any products containing wheat, rye, and barley, and eliminate dairy that contains A1 beta casein. What is that? It’s been called the devil in the milk and it might be even worse than gluten. So cow’s milk dairy, even if it’s raw and grass-fed likely contains beta casein A1. But you can consume goat milk or sheep milk dairy or dairy product that is free of A1 beta casein or beta casein A1. So if you can begin to eliminate food sensitivities, go on a diet that allows your gut to heal.

Not only do I believe you will start to feel better, but you can actually reverse some of those sensitivities because I believe it’s very much gut related.

Step 2, Increase Vitamin B Complex

Number two, when you deal with chronic fatigue you want to increase vitamin B complex in particular, vitamin B5 pantothenic acid is important for the adrenals and the adrenals are very much a player when it comes to chronic fatigue. Now, you want to increase B vitamin intake in your diet. Pictured there is salmon. Meats are actually a great source of B vitamins, red meat, dark meat, poultry, and salmon.

You can also take a fermented organic B vitamin complex. We know B12 is great for energy, B12 is great for the brain, zinc is great for the immune system which is a mineral you can add, B1 thiamine is good for energy. We also as I mentioned, want to focus on B5 for the adrenals, B6 for metabolism. So find a fermented organic B complex. Eat foods rich in vitamin B. I know that I mention nuts being an allergen, but if you can consume seeds which are also rich in B vitamins, sunflower, pumpkin etc, they are typically less allergenic.

Increase Potassium and Magnesium

And when you have chronic fatigue, you want to increase potassium and magnesium. Potassium is found in green foods as is magnesium. There’s a huge shortage in my mind of these two important electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium, and most people dealing with chronic or even intermittent fatigue don’t get enough of it. So you want to consume more vegetables and more fruits. Potassium is also found in coconut water, most veggie juices including celery, watermelons are a great source of potassium, even dried fruits, although they can be high in sugar are a good source of potassium.

And of course, the banana we all know about that. But lower sugar sources of potassium you’d find in green foods, other leafy vegetables, in fact, every vegetable has a bunch of potassium and even the sodium it has would be called organically bound sodium. Magnesium is found in green foods, certain nuts and seeds, and you can find magnesium in some animal products. Also, of course, you can get potassium and magnesium in high quality nutritional supplements, but I believe diet is the best way to go.

So again, if you’re dealing with fatigue think of electrolytes as energy, they are electrifying your body in a good way because our body is electric, and we run on that electrical current. So get your potassium and magnesium up, it will help flush excess sodium out of the system, magnesium is great for your joints, it’s great for your heart and it’s great for your brain. Number four, bone broth. Most people with chronic fatigue syndrome and or fibromyalgia, are in need of a collagen boost. The amino acids, proline and glycine are great for your connective tissue, also great for your liver.

Step 4, Bone Broth, Glutathione

Another issue with chronic fatigue is that typically there are low levels of glutathione which is the body’s master antioxidant. Earlier, I mentioned to avoid dairy with A1 beta casein. There’s been a recent study that I absolutely loved, that said dairy with A1 beta casein or the devil in the milk, lower the body’s glutathione levels, whereas, dairy from milk that contained only A2 beta casein, that would be goat milk, sheep milk or cow’s milk that was specifically created or the cows were bred to produce only A2 which is found in mother’s milk, there was an increase in glutathione.

Bone broth and its glycine helps to create glutathione in the body. Also bone broth has glucosamine chondroitin hyaluronic acid which helps you reduce inflammation. Bone broth is also really soothing to the gut, almost everyone I’ve met with chronic fatigue has a gut issue. So consume one to three servings of bone broth a day, make it yourself. There are recipes on draxe.com, or you can buy fresh or frozen most likely, or even packaged bone broth, make sure it’s real bone broth at your health food store.

Or, consume a powdered bone broth protein each and every day and you will love the results. Now, folks, there are so many other great tips that we won’t be sharing today, but let me give you a quick little tidbit here. Ashwagandha is a powerful herb, other herbs and spices, holy basil, etc., are really great for chronic fatigue particularly in supporting the adrenals because almost everyone with chronic fatigue has adrenal issues and needs to boost the immune system in case they really do have an excessive or high viral load.

Step 5 – Peace Begins In Your Mind For Healing

Number five, probably the key to overcoming chronic fatigue is to find peace, build peace, and relax. And it’s easier said than done, right? I have found in my coaching people back to health that when you’re dealing with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, it often stems from either toxic exposure or traumatic experience. I believe that if you will begin to cultivate peace, if you begin to claim some promises, and I claim the promises of God, that you are energized, you are filled with joy, read scripture out loud, find a time to go outside and walk barefoot if you’re near an ocean do it on the beach.

Otherwise, do it in the grass at a park, that will lower cortisol levels and help you with peace. Do things that you enjoy. Folks, people with chronic fatigue are miserable oftentimes, and they just don’t know exactly why. So building peace and allowing your body to relax, fighting stress probably is the number one recommendation to overcome chronic fatigue. And I believe folks, if you’re watching today dealing with chronic fatigue, even fibromyalgia, or you’re just dealing with as I mentioned episodic fatigue, there is hope.

I want to make sure that this information gets to people that need it. So many moms, so many executives, even athletes are dealing with chronic fatigue and now we see children and teenagers.

We want to overcome chronic fatigue starting with these five simple steps. Eliminate food sensitivities, that is something that you can easily do if you’re willing to do it. Remember, start with gluten and dairy which is a great help for your gut and for your antioxidant levels. Increase your B complex vitamins through diet and supplementation with an organic fermented B vitamin, you want to increase the electrolytes, potassium and magnesium found in vegetables, fruits, and bone broth. And speaking of bone broth, consuming bone broth helps build electrolytes, boost your immune system and can help reduce inflammation.

Get it each and every day. And last but not least, build peace and relax. Find your center. Whether it’s listening to worship music, maybe it’s listening to classical music, maybe it is as I mentioned, walking outside in the grass or on the beach. This is powerful and it’s a way to reduce cortisol, reduce stress, and transform your health. So if you’re dealing with chronic fatigue or know someone who is, I hope this information has blessed you and I want to encourage you to go out there and make those small changes until you start to see results and will be then motivated to keep on going.

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