Can Acne Face Wash Really Help Clear Up Your Skin?

Take it from someone who had a bad case of hormone imbalance in my mid twenties.

Yes seriously.

My Personal Acne Battle From 20-28

Could any acne face wash really help clear up my skin and provide it respite from the onslaught of new pimples? I totally get your frustration at doing everything I could read on WebMD, tried every possible product that supposedly eliminates my acne, every conceivable facial cleanser in order to stop the continuous cycle of scarring my increasingly blotchy face.

It was exasperating to the point of tears when everyone else was looking their fittest and most amazing in their prime, and here I was, staring abjectly into the mirror, resigned to have scarred tissued for my face.

The point I’m trying to make is that you may think you have hit rock bottom, but there’s great news: You can do something about your skin and the continuous outbreaks. You can pretty much make improvements to it to ensure that you skin will get the time to heal and recover! It’s not just about acne face wash or a fancy new lotion that the television would be selling you that would help.

If you don’t want to read the rest of the story and want to go straight to the solution and what really helped me

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Is it really some yin-yang balance?

We’ve all heard that in alternative medicine, it is recommended to keep your body in a balance. To have sufficient night time sleep, to eat more fruits and vegetables, put your body through some wheatgrass cleansing diet regime or eat some vitamin C. There’s a whole load of information out there on what works best. But here’s my take from someone who has come out of that nightmare.

Some science and some information about oils

Hot Weather Makes Acne and Pimples Worse

Your body makes generates extra sebaceous oils on certain parts of your face which under certain environmental conditions, contributes to dirt and bacteria mingling together in the tiny epidermal areas of your face. I had my breakouts happen in very hot and humid conditions as I was located in the tropics.

This basically became the catalyst for the pimples to multiply quicker than it would in a colder, drier climate. The bacteria and facial oils continually caused micro infections within the delicate skin on the face which resulted in the inflammation and pus-filled zits. These would rise from the neck to the temples of my face.

Unbearable And Painful Treatments

It was unbearable to the pointI had to visit my doctor who specialised in skin care and he would inject antibiotics on my face and put me on a course of steroids known as Roaccutane.

Now, this medication wasn’t exactly cheap, coupled with the fact that they are known to stress your liver. Somehow it worked, but there were times when the drug effect would wear out and I’d be back, staring at the mirror and replaying the horrors of having to got through another course of needless medication.

Perhaps there was better way to deal with this, maybe there was some sort of magical acne face wash and acne scar cream that I could use regularly and wash away the nightmare. I totally get it. I totally get what you are going through right now.

I would consider exploring another method that really helped me clear up my acne outbreaks, pimple outbreaks and repeated visits to the doctor. If you really want to find out a fantastic time-proven method, you can read my personal review on a simple and weird plan of getting rid of acne for good. It has helped not just myself, my friends and some of my family members who unfortunately due to genetic similarities, suffered unduly to this plague known as acne!

Acne Face Wash is Just a Tiny Part of the Solution

There are many approaches to dealing with this problem and sometimes trying to wait it out and hope that it goes away isn’t actually actionable advice to say the least.

I’m absolutely sympathetic to your pain and the dismay you are experiencing and wish that you could make the step to actually realizing that there is a way out. Acne face wash alone isn’t going to help, it’s actually just one of the many pieces that work together to help make your skin better.

Take action to make the acne go away for good!

I followed the plan outlined in an ebook called “Acne No More” (read my in-depth personal review on it here) The course doesn’t just say “hey take this vitamin and sleep 8 hours”.

It’s a lot more than that.

You will need to understand more about what sort of body system you have and going through the step-by-step process that will make you feeling confident once again and put the acne outbreaks into the history books, tossed into the fireplace and never to be seen again!

I can’t say this enough, there are countless ways to solve a problem but a proven system of acne treatment through an actual systematic tried and tested program is going to go a long way to helping with that. It might take a few days more than the 7 that is being touted. So if you want to deal with acne in a long-term and preventable way, please read this.

Don’t let cynicism stop your healing

It’s okay to be completely cynical and skeptical about things after going through so many struggles. The solution is only a click away.

Of late I’ve been receiving comments form my relatives like “Hey, you look great! Your skin really healed up well!” I would tell them about the 1 weird trick that I came across and it cost way less than all the other treatments, needles, chemicals I had to endure, just so I could look great in the prime of my life.

My Personal Tip

Here’s one great tip that also can share before you click off to the rest of the interwebz. Take time to appreciate and be thankful for the things you have, breathe easy and know that there is a solution to your problem and relax and rest in that.

The less stressed out you are, the less crazy the hormones are going to be in your system. Stress actually makes any acne or pimple situation you might have so much worse! Stop envying those Instagram followers and their flawless skin with their wonderful photos. It’s just going to make you feel more horrible about it.

Take time to love yourself and do the things you enjoy, keep your skin clean and avoid touching your face outside of washing times.

Okay, I hope that this has brought a smile to your day or given you a glimmer of hope for better skin because you can make it happen right now.


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