Some of the Best Buys For My Singapore Friends Living In the US

Hey thanks for visiting my blog as always. I’ve curated some of the most amazing products that you may really enjoy if you’re missing Singapore. It’s a random post, but it may just be something you’d like, so please feel free to support this blog by clicking on the links to the products below.

Testing DNA to see if your sibling was kidding about you being adopted?

23andMe DNA Test – Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service – includes reports on Health, Wellness, Ancestry & More

Looking For A Fantastic TV For Your Home?

Check out the latest TV that everyone is bragging about? 4K?

You can buy the Sony XBR77A1E 77″ TV here.


Need To Entertain Geeky People At Your Next House Party?


Try the Scratch Off Map of The World with States and Flags. Black Travel Tracker Map 17×24

What’s A Party Without Those Spicy Chips We All Grew Up Eating?

Get a pack of 8 of these delicious chips! Buy it here on amazon

Don’t You Miss Those Good Old Muji Cotton Buds?

Simply awesome for every occasion and to get the dirt out of your 4K TV and your other hard to reach places 🙂

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