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My  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review: The Plan That Got Rid Of My Acne For Good — You Can Be Acne Free Permanently

I suffered repeatedly in my mid twenties with constant acne breakouts which would manifest itself in very inflamed white and yellow heads and also cystic acne (deeply embedded acne) under my jaw which would be tender and sore to the touch, sometimes the skin would be so inflamed it got really painful. The pain wasn’t so much from the acne itself but the scars that every acne would leave behind, and it just got worse and out of control despite repeated visits to the skin doctor. I really needed to get this acne saga over and done with…

Hi there! I’m Adrian Silvera and I have bought and used the Acne No More Course which I thought would “just be another stupid ebook” that would tell me what I already knew about acne treatment. But to my most delightful surprise, despite my absolute cynicism, I just gave it a fair shot and the results were impressive to say the least.

I was a little desperate and out of ideas at this point of my acne battles. After going through so much money on skin treatments and all sorts of “branded acne creams” I just told myself that at least the course wasn’t going to cost me what my dermatologist would charge per visit to the clinic for my cortisone shots. I was struggling with how to get rid of under the skin pimples and trying to find the best acne treatment for adults.

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A Familiar Tale: The Acne Battle

Best Acne Treatment for Adults
As I was waiting for my skin to heal after an initial break out, it wasn’t unusual that another set of acne break outs occurred over the same area.

This cycle kept repeating till my skin was reddish and discolored. I was seriously getting depressed and my social life was pretty much non-existent given the stares I would get from my “late pubescent” acne outbreak.

There was a girl that I really fancied from work and appeared have taken a liking to me (prior to my acne outbreak) appeared to be a little distracted with the spots of my face and my worsening countenance not long after, she suddenly just decided to “hang out with her friends” instead of accepting my invitations to have coffee after work.

Look, I don’t blame her, I think I’d also find it hard to date someone with repeated acne outbreaks, maybe it’s biology and the way we think that a potential mate has got health issues when we observe poor skin health?

Then again, it really could be Tom, the handsome chap that just joined our department.

I really wouldn’t know too much about that because at that point, I was so caught up in my skin problem I just felt the world was against me. Yes, it sounds over dramatic but in all honesty, I think we are merely human beings with emotions and I guess it’s okay to feel such tumultuous swings of joy and utter despair sometimes.



I fist stumbled upon Acne No More when my long-time friend Clara appeared to have got rid of her serious acne issue within a matter of weeks.

I remember it was about early fall in 2013 that noticed that had pretty reddish discoloration as a result of acne outbreaks and at that point, my own skin was pretty much flawless (or on hindsight, “uninvaded” yet..) so I didn’t really understand much about acne but I did notice that she was a little more reserved and was particularly more self-conscious about her face at she keep trying to turn away to her “unscarred” side of her face. I felt bad for her, because I always thought she was one of the pretty ones back in school and now it appeared that the pimples were hiding her beauty.

Then I met Clara again at New Year’s Eve of the same year, and I was gobsmacked because I noticed that her skin had improved tremendously and the scars faded significantly, she looked fitter and just filled with more energy. It was like the Clara I knew and loved returned! It was an amazing transformation within a few months and that really made a deep impression. I knew Clara was doing something right and back then I decided to just compliment her on her skin and leave the conversation there.

Fast forward to July 2014, my skin was beginning to get repeated cycles of acne outbreaks and I remembered about Clara and her skin transformation, so I gave her a call and asked her what she did to make her acne go away.

She just said with a calm and reassuring voice “Go to Acne No More and just get the book, and follow the guidelines exactly. You will be fine. Trust me, if it worked someone like me, it will certainly work better for you.”

So that’s how I ended up getting on the Acne No More site and actually deciding to give it a go in my attemt to find the best acne treatment for adults or pretty much anyone with a serious case of acne. To my pleasant surprise, I actually found the system to be very easy to follow — sure it meant I had to make some slight adjustments to my life, especially diet-wise but I did see improvements unlike any other treatments I’ve undergone. Like Clara said, it actually works.

Here’s the overview of the content of the Acne No More course you might like to know in case you’re considering purchasing it.

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What Acne No More Can Do For You

Acne No More — What it covers

The e-book has over 200 pages of content created by Mike Walden and updated several times since 2003, on how to treat acne, and to do so permanently so you don’t have to fear future breakouts. The treatment program works for teens and adults, men and women alike so you know that it’s a proven and working system.

The Program Provides Practical Techniques and help.

  • Permanently dealing with acne with a clear and concise step-by-step system
  • Understanding how and why acne occurs in puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and other hormonal related situations
  • A 30-minute guide to fix all types of acne
  • The essential foods that deal with acne effectively and the foods to stay away from when treating acne
  • Secret tips that the professionals will never tell you about removing acne-inducing toxins

Who is Acne No More For?

If you are someone like me who went through clinical treatments and got all sorts of side-effect from the medication and also spending huge amounts of money on pimple creams and “special face washes” but still fear the next acne breakout, this program is for you.

I absolutely hate acne with a passion. I am also a strong believer in letting the body regain its natural balance so it can self-heal, I really want to help as many people who have face the same struggles that I did — you can stop this struggle and start winning the battle against acne. This program will help you get there.

You need to be patient because the body takes time to adjust and heal. This program doesn’t promise you a quick fix but if you follow Mike Walden’s guide accurately and consistently over a few weeks, you will definitely see the difference and begin to reclaim back your unblemished skin.

Please exercise patience and know that the pay-off will be immense and very satisfying. The same goes with many things in life: follow the system and do it until it becomes a habit. Then you will see the pay off!

What’s Included With The Acne No More Program

  1. Hormone Regulation: Stopping the hormone imbalance in your body and the overproduction of hormones in the system will let your body find its balance. This allows your body to be ready to remove the toxins that cause acne.
  2. Negative Diet: Acne No More lists the foods you will need to steer clear despite what health-benefits that most dieticians would brag about. When it comes to acne, these food types do the most damage to skin.
  3. Changing your lifestyle: Mike Walden recommends some essential changes to your life that you will need to take in order reap the most benefits out of the program.
  4. What you need to eat: There are some superfoods that effectively get-rid of acne from the inside. Consuming these special foods make your body resistant against acne outbreaks.
  5. Detoxification: As toxins build up much faster than your body can get rid of, it begins to suffer imbalances that leads to pimple outbreaks and acne. This program outlines a powerful strategy that will ensure the toxins are flushed out of your body and as quickly as possible.
  6. Proven skin care cleansing: Learn how to gently and properly remove the environmental contaminants from your skin without aggravating it.
  7. Stopping Acne Permanently: The last and most critical step is to prevent future outbreaks. Mike Walden shares the secret way to actually protect your body in the long-term and stopping acne from returning!

Acne No More Pros and Cons

No product is perfect so here’s what I didn’t really like. I had to go through a bit of the content in the beginning of the book to understand more about what acne is and how it appears so it was a little too informative for someone like me.

I’m the type of person who just wants to get to the step-by-step way to eliminate acne from my skin so there was quite a bit of background information to go through. Personally, I don’t like reading wordy stuff, but I supposed the content is useful for some people who would like to know more and be really familiar with the content.

If you’re like me, a little impatient, the result wasn’t visible within 48 hours, but the system definitely worked after a week and I could start to see changes to my skin. I certainly wished it could have worked faster but as long as it works, that’s a God-send to me.


What I really liked about the program was the way the information and content was presented. It’s obviously professionally developed ant a quality guide that gave clear step-by-step instructions. I honestly think that keeping the instructions clear and simple really helped me remember what I needed to do. (Also added the daily tasks in my phone reminders so I would be super-religious about following the program).

The results are worth so much more than what I had expected. It was really life-changing for me to see my skin back in the pink of health and no longer pus-filled, inflamed and bumpy. (Not only that! I got my first date in a long time shortly after my skin cleared up. So thank you Mike Walden!)

Check out the results after using Acne No More

Best Acne Treatment for Adults

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The Acne No More program usually runs at $99.95 but I got mine during a time limited offer ad about 60% off. You can use this link to ensure you get the latest and best discount. It was really a no-brainer for me to spend the money on such a great-value program that actually delivered results and practically changed my life.

Getting rid of pimples doesn’t always mean that you have to visit your skin doctor and suffer painful injections like I had to endure. The wealth of knowledge I got from the program really helped me in ways that just wasn’t about my skin. It also benefited me with my health and energy levels.

A typical visit to your doctor will cost you in excess of $100 and this program is probably going to cost you less than half that amount (use the buttons with the links in this page to get the discounts!) I know that the program is getting extremely popular and the Mike Walden may be increasing the price of the ebook soon, so please don’t miss out on the exclusive current discount!

I’m sharing the ACNE NO MORE link here because I stumbled upon this promotional discounted page on a closed Facebook group so you can use it. Please hurry because they may remove the discount soon.


If you struggle with acne and cannot seem to overcome it, or if you are trying to find out how to get rid of under the skin pimples that hurt, the Acne No More program is truly a God-send.

The value of the content they are sharing, and all the secret techniques in the program are worth way more than the price they are asking for. No skin doctor will come up with a fool-proof and proven method to fully deal with acne apart from more prescriptions.

I’m really pumped that you’ve visited my page and I hope you will, like me, enjoy the long-lasting results of this program.

I am absolutely empathetic towards anyone who has had to endure the pain of acne and the various types of acne from whiteheads to deeply-set and large cystic acne. Also everyone who has had their self-image crushed because of horrible pimple scarring.

It’s time to take action and do what’s best for your skin and possibly your social life. So please get started on the proven system that gets rid of acne HERE

I highly recommend this program especially if you are suffering from repeated acne outbreaks and you can make the choice to stop the acne from ever scarring your skin!

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here <<.

Well, thank you so much for reading this my Acne No More review. I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below. I am humbled by your visit and hope it has been informative.

Wishing you clearer and acne-free skin,
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